severe retaliation and a call for help

Encouraging letters, notes and cards needed . Please help this man stay healthy. He is in a solitary cell with almost no possessions and is bi-polar= a terrible mix.
Brian Locke #
Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI)
PO Box 351
Green Bay, WI 53963

You may use our PO Box for your return address if you do not want to give our your real address. Please give us your real addresses so we can forward his mail to you.
our PO Box:
PO Box 285
Richland Center, Wi 53581

Brian has not fared well. Despite unceasing court efforts and countless letters to persons in authorities, he remains in non punitive wegregation conditions in Green Bay Correstional Institution)GBCI)where he has no books for the outside, no magazines, programs or t.v. He has made changing cinsitions in seg for all prisoners a mission while still wokring on his case to get his assault conviction over turned.

Anyone who knows a person manic/ depressive or what is now called bi polar, knows that the coindtions in these seg units are hard for anyone but impossible for someone inclined to climbing- the- walls- manic episodes.

Added to this he has not been successful in any of his court endeavors and FFUP has also tried to get people on board but the case seems to be too large, to hard and all inclusive. We need caring people to write Brian encouraging notes. His address and info are above. Use our PO Box for your return addresses if you do not want to give your real address. Instuctions above .

Note: We are also trying to help him and others in these unit by working to change the rules for these segregation units. The idea came from Brian. Here is a synopsis of what we are doing and a link to the site where we are asking for lobbying help. If you would like to keep posted on this effort, which will begin in earnest when the Wisconsin legislator begins its session in January 2008, please email us here:mailto:swansol@mwt.net

Here is a synopsis for those who are interested in the rule we propose to change . We are told that changing existing rules is difficult however”legislation trumps rules.” At the same time we apply for rule change, we should be lobbying legislators to enact a law that does the same thing.

Here is the proposed rule change that would help many in segregation.
Subject in a nutshell : DOC. Administrative Confinement rule#308.04 (12) (b)
1) Now used by the DOC to change administrative segregation from non-punitive to punitive
2)The rule states prisoners ”shall be allowed to have any property in the inmate’s cell that is consistent with property limits for the assigned area. “
3) Change requested : prisoners ”shall be allowed to have any property in the inmate’s cell that is consistent with property limits for general population. “

Our coalition’s most detailed information comes from Green Bay. This is what we are told:
In Green Bay Correctional Institution, “the assigned Area” for administrative seg is the “disciplinary segregation area” So property allowed on the D/S area is nothing- no books from family or friends, no tv, no radio, personal stuff is very limited. The feeling of isolation and loneliness is intense in these areas.
To quote the prisoner:
“ Now the difference between being punished by the DOC for rule violations using the DOC 308 disciplinary “due process” rules and administrative confinement(a/c) is that the 308 rules have specific limitations that are controlled by government. The worse punishment is “being in the hole 360 days!”( These men above have all been in solitary administrative confinement for years)