life in perpetual administrative confinement

note:FFUP has been trying to change conditions in what is called "non-punitive administrative confinement" which is for people considered disruptive. They are there not because of a particular rule break . Usually here are the mentally ill and the litigators/leaders. Here he describes what he does all day. He has almost no property.

Brian R. Locke #96897
Green Bay Corr. Inst.
P.O. Box #19033
Green Bay, WI 54307-9033

March 19, 2009

Re: My days in seg.

To whom it may concern.
My days are all the same. There is nothing to do but read at Green Bay.... Until they took all the books on the book cart. For the last 3 months, the cart has only had between 6 and 12 religious books of almost no value at all. I've complained about this a lot, and Cooper; whose job it is, said I should find some cheap ones for the D.O.C. to buy. I sent that to Raemisch. Yet we still have no books. I used to read like (4) paperbacks per week.

One thing I do a lot of is complain. There is always something to gripe about. There is no stability at all. There is no peace, joy, or happiness. I always have the same schedule: eat breakfast, sleep, eat lunch, sleep, get mail, sleep, eat dinner, sleep until 7 P.M. or 9 P.M., and try to review my case files, Oh; Then sleep on and off until breakfast time again. The lights are on 24/7, and bright enough to read by. One habit I've picked up is to make sure all my paper belongings are in neat piles, and they have to be even with each other and lined up.

I constantly look at them and adjust them as the day goes by. Everything must be lined up perfectly, and my garbage bag must always be empty. Everything must be just so. We only get pen inserts that are difficult to write with, but I have perfected a refillable insert holder that is really cool. I am very proud of it, and the Staff thinks it's cool too. I've only been out to recreation 4 times since April 2004. This is because the staff always loot and turn your property over every time you're out your cell. There is nothing to do but walk around in circles any ways. They look like my aunt cages, and run-ways. "Not Good

I feed a couple of nats. I can spot them anywhere. They amaze me because they are no bigger than this; [.], and they have consciousness, sight, wings, and life, which is really cool. I used to have a ladybug for about 6 months. He/she loved to bask in the juices of a pineapple tidbit. She/he was spoiled rotten. I like to dream and be with all the people. I believe dreams are segment of our past lives used to show us what we need to work on while on Earth. I believe our goal is to learn to love one another without bias.

I also daydream a lot. I go to a world and life where I am loved, and I design my own house. I build my classic car in my Hot Rod garage, I'm married to Patty McClain or Sue Massi. I also daydream new products or services, business concepts, and new ways to make a living. An example is my business concept called "Certified Resumes". But I am very lonely and I'm responsible for being here, and my life. I think of being a martyr for my cause, which is to help mentally ill. I believe God would be okay with it. I'm very cold, so I must go to dream¬land. I really don't feel I'll ever leave prison. I believe my time is short.
Brian Locke

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